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Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 13:50:05 -0700
From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>
Subject: Turface

At 03:48 PM 6/23/99 -0400,  Robert H asked:
>Wow! Thats better still! I dont remember seeing that on their WEB
page, or
in the
>store, but I will certainly look for it. Does Orchard carry it Dave?

>No, you get it from your local landscape supplies >warehouse.   Ask
>groundskeeper at your local pro ballpark where he >gets his Turface.  
>Ask for Turface MVP.

Another way to locate Turface: Bonsai people use it for
growing their stuff too. Search their forums for sources. I found a
source in Fayetteville, NC by searching the web for Turface Carolina.
You can try the same for your state. Also you can try asking local
colleges (if any) where they get it.

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