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: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1109

Marc, what kind of trees should I plant in my yard ;^ )
Wouldn't your answer depend on where i lived - the conditions in Tibet and
Borneo are much different that Las Vegas.
So tell us size of tank, gallons & dimensions, your lighting setup, temp,
water parameters - some plants like alkaline & will do well in a tank for
rift lake habitat, others flourish in a tank of cardinals with low light,
soft acidic water but can't take the heat in a discus tank.  Also what
effect are you desirous of?  Do you want an Amano looking aquascape or few
green plants for tank inhabitants to graze on?  How much water movement is
Offhand I'd suggest bunch plants, java moss, water sprite & wisteria,
bacomba depending on temp & perhaps anacharis.

I'm new here and I have a question. (a dangerous combination in and of
itself, I know...)
Both my tanks are freshwater tropical community tanks. I would like to add
some live plants to them (this will be my FIRST EVER try at live plants !)
The other caveat to this is I use glass "marbles" in the bottom of both
tanks - -the kind you see sometimes in flower vases. Therefore, I need a
hearty, hard to kill plant or two that doesn't need any kind of substrate. I
have heard that Java Fern, Java Moss and/or Anubias Nana would be good