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Siamese Flying Foxes

To the person who was shown a tank labeled "Siamese Flying Foxes"... do not
assume that your LFS doesn't know what they are talking about due to this
name. My LFS has a knowledgable staff when it comes to plants and fish and
they know an SAE when they see one. They sell them as Siamese Flying Foxes.
People like that name and are keener to buy the fish than if it is labeled
" Siamese algae eater". After they have bought their requisite Chinese
algae eater and pleco they don't want any more "algae eaters" but think a
"Siamese Flying Fox" is neat.

Learn to identify these fish yourself and buy them when you find them no
matter what they are called. Sometimes you get a good deal because the
store doesn't know what they have.

in Vancouver