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James kindly posted for me:
> [snip] The substrate I set up on the
> weekend used a ratio of about 30 pounds of subsoil dug from a nearby field
> with about a pound of peat. I also added about 20 grams of 14-14-14 slow
> release fertilizer on the bottom of the aquarium and 2 grams of F-T-E for
> good luck. The dirt I used is quite sandy in composition and I wish it had
> more clay but there is enough clay to color water and to coat the particles
> of sand and peat.

Slight correction; the amount of 14-14-14 I used was 10 grams, not 20
and I only used about half of the dirt so the ratio would be about 10
grams for 10 pounds of subsoil. I had to write it from memory but
thought I ought to check it. The PC is working for the moment.
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