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Hi Everyone!

My Name is Tom and I am studying aquatic plants at the University of
Nebraska, and I have a survey I would like you to help me with, if you
do not mind (I thought you were the people to ask!).

Please send your answers/responses to: Crypt6 at hotmail_com

Everyone that replies will get the results of this survey sent to them if 
they wish.

Question one: On a scale of 1 to 5 (five being the highest), how would you 
rate yourself as a aquatic gardener?

Question two: Which of the following do you think influences plant growth 
most:  A-water quality, B-substrate, C-light, D-fertilizer.

Question three: Please list the ten (10) easiest aquatic plants to grow (in 
your opinion/experience).

Question four: Please list the ten hardest to grow.

Question five: In what area do you think there needs to be more research 
done in as far as aquatic plant life is concerned?

Question six: Please describe YOUR tank set-up (if you have one) with a 
plant list.

Question seven: Explain what kind of problems (if any) you are having with 
your set-up.

Thank you for your time.  All help/answers are appreciated!!!!!:-)

Tom :-)

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