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Re: Plantabbs Aquarium Plant Food

> >Michael,
> >
>  What more do I want
> >and I really don't care what the "numbers" are!  My suggestion is to try
> whatever you wish; and
> >if it works, then pass on the information.
> >
> >Merrill Cohen
> >AGA
> >Baltimore, MD

While I don't have his experience, I'll have to agree with Merrill... our
tanks are quite complex environments, and there are so many balances that
can be out of whack, that experimentation seems to often be the best bet.
And sometimes, we're not experiencing the "standard problems", which can be
answered with the "standard answers".

A friend wanted to grow more high-light-loving plants in a 44 pentagon tank,
and added power compact lighting.  *Instant green water*.  After over a
month of huge water changes, browsing the archives, experimenting with the
RO/tap water mix, adding and removing filters, and adding various chemicals
and fertilizers to the water, she finally just added some Jobe's sticks to
the substrate (the standard version of Jobe's sticks, with the high "middle
number", not the recommended variety that's for ferns, which I've never seen
in the Baltimore/Washington area, but perhaps I haven't looked in the right
retail outlets).

Her green water cleared up in 12 hours, and has not recurred in the past
three weeks or so.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland