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RE:snails and Glossostigma

From: Kelly Beard <apistogramma at home_com>
Subject: MTS and carpet plants

With all of this talk about MTS, I'm wondering if I'm missing out. 
Heck, even George Booth has them and I thought I had him pegged as a
non-snail person.  I have Glossostigma growing in my tank now, and I was
wondering if anyone has MTS and a thick carpet planting in their tanks
and how do the snails do with this.  Do they dig up the plants?  I've
learned here that they eat detrius, which is great as I have made the
"mistake" of getting a pleco some weeks ago.  I'm learning what a "poop
machine" they are.  Not fun.

If anyone has input...

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Kelly Beard, Cat IV (on sabbatical)
President, Allanti Cycling Club
Innovative Computing Corporation

MTS's do very well with carpeting plants. I have many in with a very fast
growth of 
Glossostigma which has pissed me off due to getting that "sinking Riccia "
entangled in it. A have a bizillion snails of all sorts in the tanks. They
don't uproot even the smallest of plants and are very helpful in keeping the
substrate from compacting and help build a nice detritus layer in your
substrate also.
Good for George for having these helpful Gastropods! Many sneer at them as
pest. Poor unappreciated snails<g>. I used snails only before I found SAE's
which wasn't that long ago.
Using all these critters to help balance the tank seems like the best
approach IHMO. 
MTS's don't mind heating cables either.
Tom Barr            AGA