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Re: Cheap MH lighting

Mark Faulkner was concerned if the $75.00 MH's from Aquatic Lighting
Systems were too good to be true.

Mark, I bought 3 kits (175w) from ALS last year. The standard kit for 75
bucks comes with a 4300k bulb, you might want to upgrade to the 5500k
(they don't carry 6500k). Or you can get the kit, less the bulb for
$65.00, and buy whatever bulb you want from someone else. They sometimes
have pendant cans for $25.00 plus shipping (I have photos if you'd like
to see one). The pendant cans are actually recessed light fixtures, they
need to be painted, plus you have to rig some way to hang them. Now for
the review. The only problem I've had is one bulb died (5500k bulbs are
Ventures) with less than 1800 hours. Other than that, they're exactly as
advertised. Remember, these are retro kits, you'll have to supply your
own wire.

They have a web site  http://www.aquaticlight.com/index.htm

Hope this helps.

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl.