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MTS - How many is too many?

Up until two weeks ago, I had a very large population of MTSs in my heavily
planted 110g tank. Okay, let's face it, they were everywhere  - sides of the
tank, plants, gravel, filters, etc., etc.  I got a little concerned that I
had reached the saturation point since they had lived in the tank unchecked
for about two and a half years (I started with five of them). So, I broke
down and bought two nice sized clown loaches. BTW, if anyone was still
wondering if clown loaches control MTSs, I am here to tell you that my
possibly over-populated MTS tank is now sporting a new sans-MTS look. Either
the loaches ate them, or they are doing some serious hiding.

That brings me to my question: is it possible to over populate a tank with
MTSs? If so, does anyone have any idea what the signs of over population
would be? Since I had them for two and a half years and they didn't seemed
to be causing any problems except for being everywhere, I was beginning to
wonder if they weren't naturally self-regulating - less food, less space,
less babies, etc.

Any ideas on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

Ken Guin
Kenguin at homemail_com