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I really don't know, nor care what is in these tablets!  I have been using
them for well over
>thirty years and my plants are gorgeous.  I don't have algae; the
Plantabbs are inexpensive and
>everyone that sees my aquariums envy the variety and quality of my plants.
 What more do I want
>and I really don't care what the "numbers" are!  My suggestion is to try
whatever you wish; and
>if it works, then pass on the information.  To look at a package and
become an authority because
>one can read doesn't mean a thing --particularly looking at an ad and
advising others.
>Merrill Cohen
>Baltimore, MD

I do use them, and have for a while now, but would never claim to be an expert,
however they do contain a very HIGH level of nitrogen and phos.! If it works
great, but I certainly wouldnt use them if  I suspected my phosphates were high,
or had a high fish load and certainly not in combination with two or three other
fertilizers!  Would you?

Robert Paul H.