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Re: Keeping pop bottles warm

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 15:42:20 -0500
From: "Thomas Vickers" <redroach at flex_net>
Subject: Keeping pop bottles warm

>>Hopefully I will have some feedback on my use of Profile's Aquatic plant
soil soon. I had to move my 55 gallon, so I ripped out the kitty litter and
covered the
bottom with the Profile.  It is actually pleasant looking (natural) and I am
waiting on plants to plant. <<

Well I can share a little info on this too. I use Profile Aquatic Plant soil in
four tanks. Flourite in the rest of them. I think this stuff is great! It is now
about the same granular size of Flourite, (used to be more like sand before they
changed it) Its lighter weight than Flourite, and the manufacturer claims it has
over 70% pore space for storage and exchange of nutrients. I had a nice long
conversation with their technical engineer at the parent company, AIMCOR, when I
was considering selling it. It is made of natural earth clay that provides ferric
iron, calcium,  and manganese. It is all natural with nothing chemically added to
it. It has a neutral pH, does not break down or alter the pH. It gives off about
the same amount of dust in shipment as Flourite and is a little lighter in color.
A ten pound bag costs about $6 in a store, and they now have it in 25 pound as
well. The cost was the main reason for me trying it...I wanted a cheap substrate
for a bunch of plant only tanks. Its been doing great!  Because of its light
weight, the most delicate roots can spread out easily. I believe it also keeps the
redox perfect. If anything could give Flourite a run for its money, its this. My
two cryp tanks in particular seem to do very well in it. When putting in young
starter plants, I begin to see new growth within a couple of weeks. I have never
noticed growth that quick in my Flourite tanks....not very scientific I know, but
it makes me happy!

Robert Paul H