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Re: swords dying. minimum level of NO3 neccasary?

Bev asked...

>Hi all,
>I posted about this a while ago and am still wondering.......
>I can't grow swords!!!!!
>My tank is a 4 foot x18x18 65 gallons, 4 tubes (2.5 w/gallon) CO2.
>The tank is 5 months old with an unvacuumed 3 inch layer of  gravel
>duplarit and deritrius
>Plants grow relatively slowly (compared to what I have heard) but pearl
>(even fast growers) I put this down to  lack of N, however I dont want to
>increase fish load as I have some hair algae anyway (otherwise the tank is
>algae free!
>NO3 is always 0, so is PO4 phosphate, i use half dose of flourish and flora


You've pretty well answered your own question. Swords like to be
root fed. Stick a fertilizer tablet under each plant.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca