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Re: Five O'clock Shadow Algae

Thank you Roger Miller for your detailed advice (and also followup comments
by RobertH and Michael Moncur).  I will make some major water changes, clip
the green carpeted plants,  and stop using the "Plantabbs".  Yes, Robert and
Michael, they are the tablets by Aquarium Products and it does say 11-15-20
on the front (which corresponds to 15% phosphoric acid detailed on the back
of the package)  I do place the tabs directly in the substrate.    One thing
I've noticed is that I don't have an algae problem in my larger deeper tank
that has about two watts per gallon and the same ratio of treatment with the
"Leaf Zone", flourish, and tabs.  I do have a formidable algae patrol
however and my radican and bleheri swords are growing phenomenally.

One detail I didn't point out is that I have UGF filters only with a 12 cm
substrate of all flourite in the "five o'clock shadow" tank .....UGF and
half gravel, half flourite in the bigger tank.  The pumps circulate the
volume of water twice in an hour.

Two questions:  Would mechanical filtration help prevent future outbreaks
once I'm clean shaven? and is there a better fertilizer off the shelf that
is better suited for the substrate?  (If in fact I need it)

Thanks for taking the time to respond gentlemen.  I very much appreciate
your kind advice.

Craig David
Long Beach CA