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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1105

Kelly Beard wrote:
>With all of this talk about MTS, I'm wondering if I'm missing out. 
>Heck, even George Booth has them and I thought I had him pegged as a
>non-snail person.  

Hello? My goodness, I've been singing the praises of MTS since I read The 
Optimum Aquarium in 1986. I would not consider a planted tank complete
the blessed creatures. I was once afraid of ramshorns (the small ones) and 
"pond snails" (little grey footballs) but we have plenty of them and they
to do no damage. I guess I'd better check my website to make sure the MTS are 
more prominently featured.   

>I have Glossostigma growing in my tank now, and I was
>wondering if anyone has MTS and a thick carpet planting in their tanks
>and how do the snails do with this.  Do they dig up the plants?  

We have a foot square clump in the discus tank and there is no problem with
MTS. They actually seem to spend more time around the gravel and sides of the 
tank than on plant leaves (might be a different story when the lights are
The ramshorns seem to spend all their times on the plants. They especially
to like the bolbitus fern - the older leaves become a darker color (a form of 
algae?) and the ramshorns are all over that. No leaf damage though. 

George Booth, Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)
  Watch for major new updates - Soon!