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Re: clown loaches eating MTSs

On Mon, 21 Jun 1999, Alysoun McLaughlin asked:

> Have others observed that older loaches seem to lose their taste for snails?

Yup.  At least to a degree.  My two clown loaches in their younger years
were voracious snail predators.  They would even dig an inch or so into a
coarse substrate to get to any MTS they thought might be there.

No more.  12 years later they still eat snails but now I have to drop fat,
juicy ramshorns in to them.  They may still be eating MTSs, as the MTS
population is still pretty well in control but they don't hunt for the
snails like they used to.

Older clown loaches may need snails in their diets.  The old guys got
pretty gaunt before I started feeding them ramshorn snails.

Roger Miller