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Re: SAE's in San Diego

If you plan on making a long trip to Pet Kingdom in San Diego for the SAEs 
I wrote about last week, I suggest that you call first to see if they have 
a new shipment in.  One San Diego member of the list (who shall remain 
nameless) picked through them last Friday and got most if not all of them, 
leaving behind flying fox and false SAEs (his report--I personally did not 
see any false SAEs when I was there).  I'm getting flamed for making a 
false announcement from the late comers.  ;-)

Anyway, if they have them, the price is $2.99 each for SAEs and $1.45 each 
for the Japonica shrimps.  I bought 2 Japonica shrimps but they both got 
out of the tank.  Apparently, besides being great jumpers, they are also 
great climbers.  They were observed at the top of my tank, just below the 
waterline, before they disappeared overnight.