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Straw As Green Water Remedy

Hi Folks,

I am new to the list and actually just getting back into tanks etc.
after a fifteen year layoff. Boy, things sure have changed, for the
better I might add! Lots to absorb and catch up on.
Anyway, while in my Docs waiting room the other I caught a small blurb
in Organic Gardening Mag about clearing green water in koi ponds and I
thought it was interesting and could possibly be used in tanks also.
Seems a university came up with the method of using straw in mesh bags.
The ratio is three oz. of straw per each sq yd of surface area. The bags
are secured just below the surface of the pond and changed when the
straw begins to breakdown. They do not know exactly why it works but
they found that barley straw is the best but regular straw will work
too. It clears the algae but does not hinder other plant growth. Anybody
heard of this before? I was thinking it could be used as a layer in a
canister filter instead of floss or maybe inside a bio bag. Any thoughts
on this?

Ron Bednar
HotHouse Digital
ron at dahothouse_com