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Re: MTS Loach-proof? I think not!

There have been one or two posts stating that Malaysian Trumpet Snails are
safwe from loaches. This has not been my experience. 

We have had a discus tank set up for about three years now and have had two
5" clown loaches in the tank. While there are a few snails visible,
especially a "grandfather" MTS, the overall snail population has been very
limited compared to our other tanks. This tank has alos been a "problem"
tank with more visible algae than I care for. Also, there was a lot of
detritus that was in among the plants and was easily stirred up by pruning
or SAEs swimming through. 

Recently, Karla agreed to give the loaches away to make room for some new
discus. Now, a month later, there are quite a few snails visible: MTS,
small ramshorns and pond snails. The tank is much more pristine and there
is very little detritus. 

Lesson: Snails are good and clown loaches are bad. IMHO. 

George Booth, Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)
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