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Five o'clock Shadow algae..Help!

Dear List,

If there is a sympathetic expert out there that could assist me in
eliminating my very green "five o'clock shadow" in my tank I would be very
grateful.  It all started about six months or so when I finally obtained the
ultimate 3 watts per gallon that I was looking for in my 25 gallon
tank...pearling....rapid growth....I was exhilarated by the lush
growth....neighbors swore my tank was a slice of the amazon in my own living
room....my sagitarria was shooting out runners like crazy, exceeding 25 cm
in height, riccia grow so fast and thick it lifted up in great clumps, was
clipping off my stem plants for friends, java moss became an amorphous mass
and had to be clipped......even my lileopsis(sp?) was growing which it
hadn't before..

Anyway....six months later it still is growing...BUT even with a small army
of six otos, 15 yamamoto shrimp, and a burgeoning population of three kinds
of snails...a subtle change took over about a month ago....a fine green
algae began to be noticed on the tips of my stem plants, my java moss, and
even the riccia...it is very fine doesn't grow long (several mm's in length)
but is growing very thick, especially at the top of the tank.....help

More info on maintenance...have DIY CO2...use "Leaf Zone" for water
changes,(mainly iron &K), Plant-tabs every two months or so, Flourish once a
week....the tank is stocked with 8 dwarf neon rainbows and nine cardinals in
addition to the algae patrol......water changes every two weeks to three
weeks...pretty good at keeping up with the CO2 changes...

Any advice would be helpful on how to solve this problem...unfortunately the
stem plants can barely stay ahead of the algae in growth and the algae
infected leaves and riccia get eaten pretty much entirely by the algae
patrol......not really pretty to look at...

Thanks in advance,

Long Beach, CA