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1 bottle for two tanks

    I have tried to do what Carla recommends, but found that even the
slightest bit of difference in the amount of water pressure exerted on the
outlet of the CO2 line into the tanks caused all of the gas to go to one
tank or the other. I fussed around with it a couple of days before deciding
it was easier just to mix a seperate bottle for each 10 gallon. By all
accounts, any type of a valve on a yeast CO2 generator is a disaster
to happen, so I can't see any "practical" way of accurately regulating the
flow to each tank. 

Hi all,
I have a sollution to your problem.
Get the one big bottle,
make one hole and attatch one tube then add a t juntion with little control
taps on it this way you can easily control the ratio of co2 between the two

Daniel Green
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au