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RE: MTS - pic

I recently tried to photograph a MTA, but the picture is kindof blurry.  It might
give you an idea of what it looks like though.  The color difference on the snail's
shell was probably due to the change in water chemistry from Arizona to Maryland.  I
don't know if the change was for better or worse, but all new growth on shells are
white, not the gray/tan that they came in.  I got my MTAs from Arizona Aquatic
Gardens and they all were really healthy.  Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking and put
some in a tank with some Clown Loaches.  Now you would think I would have remembered
that I got the Loaches to get rid of snails in the first place, but I didn't. 
Needless to say, I don't have any obvious snails in that tank anymore.  In my other
tank, the snails are going crazy and the MTAs are thriving almost too much!  I was
really surprised how well they are doing because the gravel in that tank is somewhat
large and really course.  I know plant roots don't like it :( and I am considering
tearing down the whole tank to replace the gravel.  The gravel is also bright blue
and somewhat of an eye-strain.  Amazing how this group has reformed my tastes in
aquatic decor :)

Page with a somewhat blurry picture of a MTA at the bottom:

Although I bought my snails on-line, most walk-in stores will gladly give them away,
especially to a customer buying other things.  Snails breed like snails and some
stores consider them to be a pest, so they are glad to hand them away.

Jennifer Glover
Waldorf, MD, USA