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It's great stuff. I use it alone because I like homogenous substrates as a
rule but additives such as peat/loam/laterite etc can be used, I have found
not necessary for good root growth.
For myself, it has simplified setting up new tanks. Just add 2-6 inches of
the stuff and plant.
All my new tanks get the stuff. It's pricey but worth it IMO. Haven't found
any anaerobic spots in any tanks even 6in deep. Doesn't cloud much when up
rooting plants which I tend to do a lot of. It seems course but
Glossostigma/chain swords like it and there's a red horemannii sword that's
about 2 feet in diameter growing in it. Just set up a customer's tank with
it. It's The Stuff. Folks at SeaChem got a great product. 
Tom Barr           AGA