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>Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 18:09:22 EDT
>From: amelia e ricks <sparkit at juno_com>
>After all that I have heard about Malaysian Trumpet Snails I ran down to
>my lfs (literally.  My car is, as usual, not running) to get some and was
>very disappointed to hear that, while they do have a few in most of their
>tanks, they don't sell them and only very rarely order them.  Does anyone
>know of where I could get some in the Albuquerque area, or somewhere that
>would be willing to send me some? Thx,

They don't sell them here either. They give them away. As long as they're
not busy with paying customers you can ask them to stand there and pick
snails out all day.
Now, I don't know that they're actually Malaysian, but they do have hard,
conical shells, burrow in the gravel or sand, generally only climb on the
glass at night (you'll see them during the day sometimes in gravel bottom
tanks but only at night in sand bottoms), multiply like crazy, and
apparently eat only detritus. They never seem to hurt the plants and don't
even touch the algea.

I could probably be persuaded to mail some although I'm pretty lazy when it
comes to making trips to the post office. Have you tried any other stores?