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NaHCO3 again

>> r/o water droped Nitrate to 4ppm, but it also drops pH and KH. especially, pH drops to 5.5.
>> I'm using NaHCO3 for KH and pH buffer, and add about 2.4g per 30 gallon everyday.
>> acctually, it's really effective, but only short term. it raise pH about 0.6, but ther pH recovers in several hours.
> 2.4g in 30 (Imperial) gallons is only about 0.5 KH, so you have only
>added about 2.5 KH in all, which is not all that much.  

Thanks for the information.
When i first tried NaHCO3, I wanted about 4KH.
So, i added slowly by checking KH, and finally i've got 4KH.
but, i lost all of my cardinals.
the problem was pH, carbonate raised pH over 10.
you can't add 2.5KH at one time.

i use aquasoil by ADA, and it cause that low pH.