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Who's the plant killer...

This probably sounds weird, but I've got a certain spot in
my tank, and any plant I put there seems to get killed or

I'm new with aquatic plants, so I'm not sure every
species that I've had problems with, but the latest
is a "banana" plant.  When I planted it, it had 2 stems,
about 3 inches tall each.  One stem had a round leaf at
the top of it.  A day later, both stems were broken off.

Here's a list of my fishies....
Cory cats (7, albino/skunk/bronze)
Raphael Cat
Otto cat
6 tiger barbs
10 glow-light tetras
2 pink kissing gouramis
1 snail (I don't know what kind, very nice round
shell, plain brown/tan coloring, approx 1 inch in size.)

The odd thing is that the plants only seem to get hurt 
in this one location in the tank.  If I plant cuttings
in other parts, they do ok, but the same varieties planted
in this one spot seem to get attacked.

The spot is at the front of the tank, directly across from
the output of my Penguin 170 filter.  Is it possible that the
water currents are breaking the stems?  The plants don't
appear to be moving around much in the current.

Chuck Gadd