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Re: Picture and flash

On Thu, 17 Jun 1999, Stéphane ANDRE wrote:

> > [Now if I could only figure out how to make a LANC-to-flash interface so I
> > don't have to shell $150 for the stupid Sony flash for my DV camera...
> > which would be a glorified slave sync as well.]
> If you use video camera's projector with a reflex 24x36 camera, you will obtain yellowish pictures.
> Stéphane

Sorry, I didn't explain clearly.  :) I have no problems taking 35mm
photos.  I've been playing with taking fish pictures with my *video*
camera.  This video camera also takes still pictures onto a memory card;
you can buy a special accessory flash that only works with that video
camera.  It's not a video light.  The flash listens to the LANC port
(normally used for doing video editing; there's probably some magic signal
they send that triggers the flash). This flash unit costs $150 US.  I do
not want to pay $150.  I want to trigger my assortment of $20 used manual
camera flashes which I already own, but they all use standard X sync cords
or hotshoes, and alas there is no hotshoe interface on the video camera.  
Dorks, all of them.  Because aside from this, I absolutely love this

The delimna is:  spend the $150 for what will be a glorified flash slave
interface, or try and reverse-engineer the appropriate LANC commands,
maybe build my own interface with (most likely) $10 worth of programmable
logic.  For now, it's neither; I'm sticking with my trusty 35mm for
anything of quality.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com