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Methods to ship Malasian Trumpet Snails

>From: "David Robinson" wrote:
>Subject: Methods to ship Malasian Trumpet Snails?

>Have any of you successfully shipped Malayan Trumpet
>Snails through std US mail.  What methods did you use?
>(Packaging, numbers of snails, how much water, etc.)

I wouldn't worry too much about these guys. George Booth sent me my first
batch along with some video tapes. They were in a small jar with some water
in a box with some packing material. As they were crossing a border it took
them *3 weeks* to get here (held at customs I am sure). They were immobile
when I got them. I thought they might all be dead. I put them in some fresh
tank water and watched and every single one of them was okay.

I recently cleaned out my big Eheim filter and several MTS were living in
there. I didn't know that until they rinsed out in the *HOT* water. I
picked out some of the larger ones and dropped them into the corner of a
tank thinking I would scoop them out if they didn't move. They all dug
themselves into the substrate within an hour and were just fine.

Your snails will probably enjoy the trip!

in Vancouver