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Re: NaHCO3

> From: "Hong, Sungmin" <pongpong at mail_taegu.net>
> Subject: NaHCO3
> 5 days has past since I started to use r/o water.
> r/o water droped Nitrate to 4ppm, but it also drops pH and KH. especially, pH drops to 5.5.
> I'm using NaHCO3 for KH and pH buffer, and add about 2.4g per 30 gallon everyday.
> acctually, it's really effective, but only short term. it raise pH about 0.6, but ther pH recovers in several hours.

	2.4g in 30 (Imperial) gallons is only about 0.5 KH, so you have only
added about 2.5 KH in all, which is not all that much.  

> is there other sources that last longer?

	It only goes away if it reacts with an acid.  The same is true of any
KH - it is always bicarbonate.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada