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Pictures of aquarium

> >Dave Wrote:
> >
> ><Snip>How true to life are the colours reproduced? To what extent does he
> >enhance and alter things during film development? <Snip>
> >
> >Color reproduction depends heavily of the type of film used.  I would
> >imagine that Amano uses "Color Enhanced" films.  Color Enchanced films are
> >generally used in landscape photography or other situations in which vivid
> >colors are needed.  For a perfect example of this check out the ad that
> >Kodak is running for its new EliteChrome ExtraColor Slide film (back cover
> >of 6/99 Popular Photography Magazine).  Studies by Fuji Film have shown
> >that people generally like pictures with bolder than life colors.  Most of
> >the films I've seen recommended for shooting aqauira are color enchanced
> >films.  However, these films are generally not recommended for protraits
> >since they result in "warmer" skintones (reddish skin).
> I have tried to take pictures of my tank, with my Nikon F50 camera, without
> flash.
> But even with a ASA800 film from Kodak, I still need 1/15 or 1/30 of a sec
> exposure, which makes the pictures blurred. Has anyone experimented with
> some sort of DIY flash light ?? Because real slave flashlights, are VERY
> expensive here in Denmark (Europe).

I make aquarium pictures professionally and I use always Fuji films. They are the best
according to some famous guys in Europe like Christian Piednoir (AQUA plaisir) or Mr.
Tomey (Holland).
Amano and Piednoir uses the professional slides film Fujichrome Velvia (50 ASA). It is
very sharp and made for exterior use (daylight). I thing you should forget about Kodak
and use only Fujichrome. Personally I use Provia 100 ASA. It is also a professional
film but more sensible. The SENSIA II, cheaper and easier to find is almost the
equivalent in quality. The advantage of using slides film is its low cost. You only pay
the development (not paper print cost). You can train a lot for a reasonable amount of
For the light, the best photographers use a combination of flash situated in different
places. But this is quite expensive and difficult to use. For good results you need AT
LEAST one separate flash (and a cable). If you want to make picture of fish, always
flash them from above, they will look more natural.
If you only have a camera with an integrated flash, make pictures with an angle of 45°.
Buy this way you will avoid the reflection. Use a little pocket light (fixed on your
camera) and look inside of the viewfinder. The angle is good, when you cannot see the
light reflected on the front glass of your aquarium.
If you have light problems and don’t want to use flash, what about using extra
fluorescent tubes? To obtain realistic colours, you need good day light tubes like
Phillips Daylight 33, cool white or Phillips 83. If you cannot find those tubes, try
different combination.
Good luck.
The Netherlands