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Re: "swinging" through the aquarium...

Dave wrote, regarding wiring of a set of slave flashes:

> Then a mirror can be used to direct the on-camera
> flash towards the ceiling.  That will likely still trigger the slaves,
> without creating a reflection of the main flash itself on the aquarium
> glass.  You do not need a lot of wiring as you seem to suggest, just a way
> to keep the main beam of the on-camera flash off the front glass of the

Mmmm, let's see how this would work - two hands to hold the camera and
adjust the focus on the lens, a third to hold the mirror in front of the
flash..., mmm, but I've only _got_ two hands...

 I guess you'd just need another prehensile appendage.... mmm, maybe there
are more differences between Canadians and Americans than I realized..., no
wonder American women smile so much!


James Purchase
in Toronto, and _no_, I wasn't thinking of a tail... <g>