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H.difformis not growing vertically

hello all,
any comments on why i can't get my H.difformis to grow vertically?
Through other correspondence i've considered that i've got too much light 
and not enough co2.  i cant seem to get my diy co2 to difuse good enough in 
my tank.  i've got 80w of florescent (40 growlux, 40 cool wht).  the pH has 
been constant at 7.8, Kh 8, Gh 5.
I've moved the lights to about  10 inches above the tank and replaced teh 
diffuser cover.  i've also moved the plant to anothr location in teh tank.  
the difformis continues to grow horizontally more than vertically.  before 
teh leaves were curling downward.  i cant see theis problelm now, but the 
growth is still slow and mainly horizontal.  any suggestions?
Joe Anderson

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