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RE: Fast growing AF plants

By African, you mean West African? Ammannia senegalensis and it's larger and
faster growing brother A.gracilus  are great and also Nesaea pedicellata are
fast growers and very nice for contrast with the Anubias. Tiger lotus,
Aponogetons, Bolbitis can be also somewhat fast growers. Criniums can be
considered for this also. Most of these get BIG though! H. hottonifolia

I believe there is a Hair grass from there (E minima?) although I could be

What I'd like to see more of is plants from Lake Malawi and Tanganyika. They
are there but they only ship out the fish................ not the plants!
The general notion is that all lake Cichlids are only Rock dwellers and eat
plants. This is plain rubbish. Many areas do have plants and there are many
pictures and collector accounts to prove it. Guess I might take an African
trip to do some collecting! In my dreams....................
Tom Barr        AGA