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Re; Algae problem ?

"Cyberpet" wrote:

>Also, i need advice about Fe, it is steadily around 0.5 mg/l !!!!!
>Is the susbstrate Gold providing too much iron ? is it a problem ?


I had the very same problem when first set up my planted aquarium with
Substrate Gold. Iron readings were way above the recommended 0.1 ppm.
I think this is intrinsic to this type of additive. The excess iron
triggered a bloom of hair algae. I stopped to add my PMDD drops for one
week and restarted with half a dose the second and third weeks. Soon 
(in about 2 more weeks) iron readings went to undetectable levels, and 
the algae also went under control. I suggest you to just wait a couple 
weeks and decrease the amount of iron fertilizer, if any, you are adding 
to the water. 

>From time to time, when i pull out some plants to trim them, like Eichornia
>Azurea, their long roots
>pull out laterite powder, which makes to tank cloudy for two days ! is it
>noxious for the fishes ?
>Should i avoid pulling out all the roots and let them decay in the soil ?

I observe the same red cloud, but it settles in seconds. Fish don't seem to 
bother at all. The angels and zebra danios appear even to be attracted by
the stuff. The pulled substrate material has additionally in it a few 
vermiculite chips. The water remains with a very slight clouding for 2-3 
hours afterwards, but that's all. I just dust the vermiculite off leaves 
and rocks, and everything disappears again into the gravel. Maybe the speed 
with which the water clears out has to do with the particular type of 
mechanical filtration and how strong it is. I use a Fluval 303 (in a 46 gal 
tank) with ceramic noodles and 3 floss disks. 

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD