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Algae problem ?

    I am observing a fast grow of some kind of beard algae ( i think)
       it is greyish hair,not thick,about half a inch long at most, and it
grows on the leaves of anubias nana and on laeliopsis novo-z, also on val
leaves.....and  will probably go on others soon...(  :((    )....

    What should i do to control and/or eradicate them ?

    the specs :    150 gal heavily planted
                            fast growth
                            Duplaplant tabs half dosed
                            Substrate Gold ( 10 lbs ) ( bottom third layer )
                            2 x 175 w MH 5500 °K
                            heating cables
                            4 inches of 3mm- 4mm gravel
                            the the tank is 2 months old
                            CO2 injection ( automated)
                            moderate fish load ( 4 mollies---5 ottos
affenis--no SAE ( cant find any yet !)
                            feeding: twice a week, flakes or freezed brine
shimps.....freshly hatched ones occasionaly
                            30% water change every two weeks
                            ph: 6.9 ± 0.05, KH:4,GH:3,NO3:around 14

Also, i need advice about Fe, it is steadily around 0.5 mg/l !!!!!
Is the susbstrate Gold providing too much iron ? is it a problem ?

From time to time, when i pull out some plants to trim them, like Eichornia
Azurea, their long roots
pull out laterite powder, which makes to tank cloudy for two days ! is it
noxious for the fishes ?
Should i avoid pulling out all the roots and let them decay in the soil ?


   Pierre Tremblay