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Newbie - Manitoba

I am resending this message (sorry if it is double posted, but I had send it
from home and did not see it on the APD yet).

Just wanted to say hi to all of you out there. I am new to this group and
also new to this hobby. Have been checking out the archive of the APD for a
couple of days now and found it very informative. I have a 25gal
planted/fish tank about 5 months old.  Most of the info I have gotten is
from the web as there are not any local LFS (that I know off) that cater to
the planted tank hobbiest. (was looking for Seachem Florish and Florite and
couldn't find any, called one store and the sales person/owner did not know
what it was and they had the most plants for sale). I am currently using the
DIY yeast CO2 and looking at getting a pressurize tank setup in the future.
So if there are any members form Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and would like
to give this newbie any advise please reply.