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Re: Color Reproduction

>I have tried to take pictures of my tank, with my Nikon F50 camera, without
>But even with a ASA800 film from Kodak, I still need 1/15 or 1/30 of a sec
>exposure, which makes the pictures blurred. Has anyone experimented with
>some sort of DIY flash light ?? Because real slave flashlights, are VERY
>expensive here in Denmark (Europe).
>With many Thanks
>Soren ' Disky ' Petersen  ICQ #141306

It is *very* depend on the amount of light you have. I can photograph
my aquarium (at 2 watt/gal) using ISO 200 film and 1/60 sec., and get 
slightly overexposed pictures. 

And how would you use a flash and avoid the strong reflection on the
aquarium front pane ? 

-Ivo Busko