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Re: Reconstituting RO water

>I would venture a guess (and this is only conjecture) that if my information
>source was correct, and Kent gets the raw material for RO Right from
>Aquarium Systems, then they reduce the amount of sodium chloride used in RO
>Right as opposed to Instant Ocean.

Hi James,

I'm on a marine aquarium list & sometime last year the topic of synthetic
sea salts was discussed.  One person on the list (who works for a LFS)
talked to his regional rep for Kent Products.  The rep told him that they
get thier marine salts made for them by Aquarium Systems (to Kent's specs).
 So I suppose that it is possible that they get other products made for
them by Aquarium Systems.

Victor Eng					Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
engfam at axion_net