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Re: How do I setup a co2 system?

>Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 09:47:02 -0500
>From: Moishe Wasserman <moishew at globalserve_net>
>I have a few bucks to burn and had to choose between getting myself an
>abit bx6 2.0 or a co2 system. I would like to setup a co2 system
>replacing the DIY method but I don't know what I need.  Now I can go to
>my LFS and be ripped off which I hate, but I would rather do this DIY.

You need a 'bottle' of CO2, you can propably get them, very you can be 'make
your own beer' equipment.
Where you also can get a preasure regulator, best with 2 indicators

A buble counter is also a good idea, to be able to see how fast you are
inject the CO2.

And you need something to let the CO2 disolve into the water. A inject it
into the inlet of my external Eheim 2226 filter. Works very well.

>As well, does anyone know where I can get the parts in Toronto,

Can't help you there, i live in Europe

With many Thanks

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