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Color Reproduction (Was Amano, snails, A.thomasi, and bad prints)

Dave Wrote: 

<Snip>How true to life are the colours reproduced? To what extent does he
enhance and alter things during film development? <Snip>

Color reproduction depends heavily of the type of film used.  I would
imagine that Amano uses "Color Enhanced" films.  Color Enchanced films are
generally used in landscape photography or other situations in which vivid
colors are needed.  For a perfect example of this check out the ad that
Kodak is running for its new EliteChrome ExtraColor Slide film (back cover
of 6/99 Popular Photography Magazine).  Studies by Fuji Film have shown
that people generally like pictures with bolder than life colors.  Most of
the films I've seen recommended for shooting aqauira are color enchanced
films.  However, these films are generally not recommended for protraits
since they result in "warmer" skintones (reddish skin).

Hope this helps.

Oliver Wong, in sunny and humid Atlanta