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Black algae

I have a black algae on most of the plants in one of my tanks.  I wouldn't 
say that it is bushy, or brushy.  It is more like the little green dots that 
form on the glass, then slowly spread until you can't tell what's in the 
tank.  The two biggest differences between this black stuff and the green 
stuff are the color and the fact that none of it is growing on the glass.  It 
would probably be all over the driftwood as well, but my pleco keeps gnawing 
it.  Could this be a variation of the standard BBA?

I have three SAEs in this lightly planted 30 gallon, but they aren't even 
vaguely interested in this stuff.  Perhaps it is because there are other fish 
in the tank, necessitating the need for flakes, frozen brine, and other 
occasional treats which the SAEs would probably find easier to get.

I am going to be draining and relocating the tank in a couple weeks.  Should 
I replace only the SAEs back in when I refill it and let them have at this 

Bob Dixon