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Re: Reconstituting RO water

Roger Miller wrote in the last APD a proposed recipe for homebrew RO 
reconstitution.  He suggested CaCO3 dietary supplement tablets for calcium 
and epsom salts for Mg.  That certainly worksm but then he caustions that the 
recommended CaCO3 tablets he is refering to are dietary supplements, which 
will also contain a certain amount of binder, filler, and color.

While one would hope that these other chemicals are non-toxic in the human 
system (unlike flouride, which the ADA has convinced every toothpaste maker 
in America to force down our throats) and therefore also safe for our fish, 
perhaps we could find a better source.  How about dolomite?  It is available 
crushed from gardening centers, and if we redirect a small amount of CO2 from 
our aquaria to our mixing "vats" it should dissolve overnight.  Would it not 
contain the correct, or close enough to the correct, ratios of Ca, Mg, and 
CO3?  And would CO2 injection even be necessary to get it dissolved at a 
reasonable rate if we are preparing our water far enough in advance?  I a 
Science Fair project with my daughter, we stuck dolomite into a box filter in 
7 gal of water and raised GH from 80 ppm to 140 ppm in a couple of days.  
That's 3 1/2 degrees in two days.  And the dolomite was packed much closer 
together than if you just dumped a bunch of it into the bottom of a barrel.

Just thinking.  Any thoughts?

Bob Dixon