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Re: BBA and Willow moss

Thomas Barr said....

>Bleach will kill your moss as well as your BBA. Bleach is bad! I will say
>this again and again. Add SAE's instead. Check PH, KH, don't use buffers to
>lower PH (use CO2 instead). Lower fish load. With patience the SAE's will
>eat the BBA. Remove and discard infected part of Moss. Replant, as it will
>grow back quite well.  Bleach cures nothing. It does not solve the problem
>of environmental conditions. Take care of this first, before grabbing the
>     BBA grows on every sword plant I have ever had but not anymore due to
>going after the source of the problem. I had the "Best in Show" of the Black
>Furry Echinodorus sword plant for quite some time. I even started to really
>learn to appreciate the finer qualities of BBA on wood and plants<G>. The
>BBA is likely to find a better "foot hold" on the moss than the Sword.
>If you give it time there will be some on the sword eventually especially
>the older leaves in the darker corners of your tank. Moss collects many
>types of algae and detritus very well. It can become a pesky noxious weed
>for many. I hope the BBA goes away for you as it is a terror for those folks
>doing battle with it( I remember oh so well ! ). 
>Take care,
>Tom Barr          AGA  

Tom, The swords have been in the tank about six months and there
isn't a tuft of BBA on any of them even though they are growing
slowly. I'm surprised. As for the willow moss, I think that the
SAEs would have trouble cleaning it without tearing it apart.
The swords are growing in dirt. I know why the BBA was doing so
well. The phosphate and nitrate levels were very high. I just
don't know why the swords were immune.

I bet that there are no subscribers to the APD who have BBA on
an E. schluerti.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca