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A. Thomasi, RO water

james writes:
Kent's RO Right is merely a repackaged form of
Aquarium System's "Instant Ocean" salt mix.
Seachem also provides a guaranteed analysis of their 
product which makes it relatively easy to figure out 
how much of each ion is present in the reconstituted water.

FWIW the march 99 issue of aquarium frontiers 
has an analysis of the contents of the major brands
of commercial sea salt formulas for reef/salt water tanks.   
people who are using kent's ro right may find it useful.
dave writes:
Among other things, Amano claims that Anomalochromis
thomasi is a great snail eradicater. I had several in a
30 gallon for a few months. There were hundreds of MTS
in the tank when the fish were finally removed. Maybe
they are selective and only eat Japanese snails.

FWIW i kept anomalochromis thomasi for biological snail 
control and noticed that they are selective only as far as size goes.
they seem to only eat tiny snails ~2 or 3 mm.
i think they are worried about choking.
noh it all