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Re: Nutriflex CO2 System

on 01:48 PM 6/12/99 , Jeff Malmquist wrote:

 >Has anyone else heard of this system?  I bought it and just set it up
 >tonight.  Any warnings, opinions, or tips?

I actually, coincidentally, just removed the Nutriflex CO2 system from my 
tank a couple of days ago. Here's my assessment:

It *does* work. I did some experiments with containers of tap water, and 
found that adding a tablet does actually increase the CO2 concentration in 
the water, and does reduce the PH. Using the plastic reactor, CO2 is 
absorbed gradually throughout the day.

However, don't expect the system to perform as well as a pressurized CO2 
system, or even as well as a yeast-sugar setup. This is my first plant 
tank, so I can't really compare, but I think it was a bit better than a 
non-CO2 tank, but not much.

I just replaced the system with a 2.5lb pressurized tank on Friday, and 
I've seen dramatic improvements in my plant growth already. So the 
Nutriflex system definitely wasn't quite as useful as the "real thing".

One warning: when you drop the tablets in, a lot of CO2 bubbles escape the 
reactor. According to what I've read on the net, this sudden influx of CO2 
can cause a quick pH drop if your water is too soft. The same applies if 
you accidentally drop a tablet directly into the tank...

All in all, it's not bad, but the pressurized system is definitely cheaper 
and more effective in the long run.

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