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Adding a tab every 3 days or daily? Use yeast. It's cheaper and last 2
weeks. Dave Gomberg's CO2 system is very reasonable in the long run and is
very easy to use. Check out APD archives/KRIB for more info on Dave's CO2
and the yeast methods. Both he and I live minutes from you BTW.
 Yeast systems, properly set up, can be very low maintenance. I change the
brew once every 2 weeks. I don't have touch anything else. Takes about 2
minutes to do that. Pressure systems are even less maintenance.......almost
free of maintenance once set up and dialed in the range your after.
     Save the Alka-Seltzer for those spicy dinners<G>! If you have a larger
tank, say over 40-55gallons you might want to do a pressure system instead,
although I have a 90 gallon that uses yeast but I've been at it awhile too.
For bigger tanks, multiple bottles of brew are an option(I have 4 bottles on
an intake manifold running to a custom reactor) .
      Look into it. Save your $ for nice lights next time! 
Tom Barr              AGA