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BBA and Willow moss

Bleach will kill your moss as well as your BBA. Bleach is bad! I will say
this again and again. Add SAE's instead. Check PH, KH, don't use buffers to
lower PH (use CO2 instead). Lower fish load. With patience the SAE's will
eat the BBA. Remove and discard infected part of Moss. Replant, as it will
grow back quite well.  Bleach cures nothing. It does not solve the problem
of environmental conditions. Take care of this first, before grabbing the
     BBA grows on every sword plant I have ever had but not anymore due to
going after the source of the problem. I had the "Best in Show" of the Black
Furry Echinodorus sword plant for quite some time. I even started to really
learn to appreciate the finer qualities of BBA on wood and plants<G>. The
BBA is likely to find a better "foot hold" on the moss than the Sword.
If you give it time there will be some on the sword eventually especially
the older leaves in the darker corners of your tank. Moss collects many
types of algae and detritus very well. It can become a pesky noxious weed
for many. I hope the BBA goes away for you as it is a terror for those folks
doing battle with it( I remember oh so well ! ). 
Take care,
Tom Barr          AGA