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Book deal

A couple days ago I was in Borders buying the latest FAMA, and near the 
checkout was a row of books stacked on the floor.  I spotted the TFH 
Encyclopewdia of Tropical Fishes with a sticker that said "sale; $19.99.  At 
the bottom was a second sticker that just said "50% off".

Now, this book has lots of great fish photos poorly identified, but for 20 
bucks, I figured I could use it for a paper weight or a coffee table book.  
When I cashed out, it was 50% off the $20 sale price.

For $9.99, it has some good plant photos.  I'm not an expert at plant ID, but 
it probably helps some to have this around.  If there's a Borders in your 
town, I suggest you look into it.

Bob Dixon