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Re: BioPlast NutriFlex CO2 System

Jeff writes:

> I've just recently started working with planted aquariums in the past month.
>  I have a 20 gallon tank.  I was talking with the folks at Albany Aquarium
>  (which I have the luck to live near), and they suggested something called a
>  Nutriflex CO2 system (They just got them in, and haven't tried them yet).  
>  had looked into other options for CO2, but most were too time or money
>  consuming for me.  This system is just a simple plastic container.  You add
>  an alka-seltzer-like tablet to the container, and it dissolves.  The CO2 is
>  left in the container, and the gas slowly dissolves into the water.  You
>  just drop a new tab in every 3 days or so.
>  Has anyone else heard of this system?  I bought it and just set it up
>  tonight.  Any warnings, opinions, or tips?

I have no experience with this thing, but I bet if you add up the cost of a 
year's supply of these little tablets, the cost issue will get another look.  
I suggest you save your shekles so you can replace it with a bottled gas 
system soon.

Bob Dixon