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MH pendant distance from water?

Hey everyone,

Q1 - I have read through the APD noting recommendations for hanging MH
pendants above the water anywhere from 4" to 18".  I have installed 3x175w
Hamilton pendants with Coralife 6500K bulbs over a 6' 125g open-top tanks
and was wondering how to determine how far from the water surface I should
hang them.  I can easily adjust the height.  I remember reading somewhere
about starting them off ~ 15-18" above the surface then moving them closer
as the tank gains some stability and plants have a foothold over algae?
The tank has been up about 3 weeks now, very heavily stocked (including
high-light glosso/E. Tennellus foreground plants), with the lights suspended
about 5" from the water surface.  Any recommendations here?  What is the
effect on the intensity of light as you move the bulbs closer/farther from
the water surface (inverse square law?).