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Re: Acid+dolomite CO2 generator

>Roger Miller writes:

>>  If a a gas line is run from the pressurized reactor to the top of the acid
>>  reservoir there will be equal pressures in the acid reservoir and at the
>>  acid outlet.  That way gravity feed should work.
>Well, yea, that was my thought, too.  Simply put a tee in the line that goes
>to the aquarium, and feed it back to the top of the acid jug.  So far, my
>biggest issues have been draining the resultant CaCl2/H20 solution out the
>bottom, and getting the drip started without filling my mouth with HCl.  As a
>machinist, I could easily build a plastic float valve that I can place in the
>bottom of the dolomite container.  As for starting the drip, I'm still
>thinking about that one.
>>  Of course, this will put some highly corrosive material under pressure,
>>  with a chance for serious problems.  But, what the heck...
>Built out of the right plastics, and placed on a stable surface under the
>aquarium (preferably inside a cabinet-type stand) it shouldn't be a serious
>Bob Dixon

I'm not keen on the acid/dolomite idea, but I do have a method for getting
it going. Start the drip with water instead of HCL.

Bob Wurster
Usually lurking in WV where it is incredibly hot and dry right now.